Year 3 is the first step of Key Stage 2 where we work enthusiastically in our lessons in order to become Independent Learners. We learn to work together, take responsibility for our actions and appreciate everyone through circle time and SEAL work. As well as our daily Literacy and Numeracy work, we really enjoy our science and creative curriculum topics. When undertaking our curriculum topics we use ICT, art and DT to enhance our learning.

Our Charity in Year 3 is Shelter Box. We will be holding a Shelter Box week in the Summer term where we will be raising money for our charity and learning more about when, where and how Shelter Box helps people all around the world.

In the Autumn Term, we study the Mayans. We will be discovering when and where they lived as well as exploring their traditions, art, sports, culture, Gods and much more. In science we will be developing our knowledge of our healthy bodies and light.

In the Spring Term, we learn about Mexico, South America and Rivers. We explore the climate, landscape, cultural and spiritual differences. This year we will be focusing on Rivers. As part of our Geography topic, we will also be learning where different places are in the world. We will be learning about deforestation and river pollution and discussing how these problems make us feel and how they affect people and their lives in many different ways.

In the Summer term, our topic is the Stone Age, Iron Age and the Bronze Age. This includes some exciting trips to Kents Cavern and the Museum where children can really explore the past.

In Year 3 our PE sessions will be on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings. Please en-sure that your child has their PE kit in school on both days and that they are prepared for either an outdoor or indoor session as this may change according to the weather!

We have fun learning in Year 3!