In Year 5, we are striving towards our goal to become VIPs: Very Independent People so that we can take more responsibility in our learning and be really prepared for being top of the school next year. There is a lot to learn and we are expected to work hard, but the themes and topics are really exciting so we are never bored!
SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education) is a thread across the year which we link to real world events where possible.  Some key national events are timetabled as whole school celebrations e.g. Harvest, Advent, Saint’s days.

Our charity this year is St John’s Ambulance.  We held a St John’s Ambulance week in January where we raised over £160.  This was enough to buy a resuscitation mannequin for training purposes.  Year 5 also received a two hours first aid training session.

Autumn Term: 
In the Autumn term our topic is The Romans.  We find out where The Romans came from and where their invasions took them.  We look in detail at some of the important architecture of the time as well as looking at the impact that The Romans had on life today.  During the topic, we will have chance to become experts on a part of The Roman times that we are particularly interested in.  We will develop our team working skills as we work together to produce an outcome of our choice. 
Our science topics this term is solids, liquids and gases, exploring properties and changes of state.

Spring Term: 
In the Spring term, we learn about Invaders and Settlers and we hope to visit Totnes Castle.  Children will be further developing their skills of communication and collaboration; researching a topic of interest to them.  After half term, the focus of our Geography will be an Icelandic study exploring the impact of settlement and volcanic activity on landscape and communities.

In April we also go on a two night residential visit to River Dart Country Park near Ashburton where we try lots of new and exciting activities and consolidate our team building skills.
Religious education is taught through all terms and covers Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism. 
In Physical Education we enjoy competitive team games and sports as well as the more individual disciplines of dance and gymnastics.
Of course, all these exciting topics are backed up in daily literacy and numeracy lessons which link to the themes whenever possible.
In year 5 we do PE on a Thursday and Friday and children are expected to have their PE kit in school on these days. PE can be inside or out, depending on the weather, so we ask that children have suitable outdoor trainers or plimsolls in school on all PE days.

Homework is set on various days – please see the separate homework timetable. (Click here)
In year 5, we are given individual planners, which enable us to keep track of all of the exciting things that are going on.  Children are encouraged to use these to keep track of the homework that is set, as well as any important dates that may be coming up.  Please encourage your children to use these.  They must come into school every day.
Reading journals are checked on a Friday to ensure that reading is taking place regularly.  Children are given time to read in class every day and so these must also come into school on a daily basis.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to pop in to see us!