Autumn Term
Autumn is a time of rich colours, excitement and anticipation for the year ahead. As the oldest children at Homelands our Year 6 class have numerous responsibilities to undertake around the school and will be preparing for their SATs and transition to secondary school over the course of the year. In addition we will be working towards the Torbay Civic award!
Developing their writing, mathematics and reading skills will be an important focus this year to make sure the children are prepared for the rigours of secondary school education and beyond. In addition they will be studying Ancient Greece and discovering the wonders that this civilisation unlocked for the world. Science lessons will be focussed on living things, particularly how we are able to classify different species of plants and animals and evolution and inheritance in the latter part of the term.

Spring Term
The Spring Term is when children in Year 6 work very hard to hone all the skills and apply the all knowledge they have gained at Homelands.  In fact, a small amount of time is devoted to revision to enable children to do as well as they can in the SATs which take place early in the Summer Term.  Transition to secondary school also becomes more of a reality when, in March, the children find out which secondary schools they will be going to in the following year.
In addition to continuing to develop maths and English skills, the children study light in science and use and develop their skills as Geographers to study London. 

Summer Term
The Summer Term (the children’s final term in primary school) is always busy but full of fun.  SATs tests are the main event in the early part of the Summer Term in Year 6 but it is also time for the children to reflect on their life at Homelands and look forward to moving on.  The class produces a performance for their parents at the end of the year and will be touring London for a residential trip aboard HMS Belfast.  Also, any children who have completed the Torbay Civic Award will attend a ceremony to receive their certificates.
 In addition to continuing to develop maths and English skills, the children study electricity and the biology of humans and other animals in science; learn about and discuss sex and relationships and use a range of skills to prepare their final assembly and other work about transition to secondary school.
 In year 6 we have PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday and children are expected to have their PE kit in school on these days. PE can be inside or out, depending on the weather, so we ask that children have suitable outdoor trainers or plimsolls in school on all PE days. Long hair needs to be tied back, piercings either removed or taped over and any children requiring inhalers must have them with them.
 Guided reading homework is set every week.