Peer Mediators

Hello, we are some of your trained Peer Mediators.

We will listen to you without taking sides.

We will spend time to listen to you no matter how small the problem.

What is a Peer Mediator?

A Peer Mediator is trained to help you sort out problems at school.

We will listen to you and not take sides.

We will not tell you off.

Our aim is to help you identify and express your feelings and needs.

We will not decide who is right or wrong or blame anyone.

We will offer suggestions to help you sort out your problem.

We will create solutions and agree a course of action together.


Where to Find Us?

We are next to the Peer Mediator sign at the entrance to the netball court.

If you need help with a problem we can go to the Group Room for mediation where we can listen to your problem in confidence.

When we are on duty we always wear a yellow bib so that you can easily recognise us.

Mediators never gossip to other pupils, but we may talk to our mediation teacher about what we have mediated.