School Council


The school council is made up of children from years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
The children are there to listen to the thoughts and ideas of their peers and be their voice at school council meetings.
Before the Autumn half term, we held an election for this year’s school councillors.  Every child was eligible to be a candidate and stand for election, unless they had previously held the post.
Candidates had to write a manifesto and present a speech to their class. The voters and teachers had the opportunity to ask the children questions as this point
On voting day, the Polling Stations were set up in the community room. Former school councillors registered the voters.
It was a very exciting time and a great success!
Our School Councillors for this year are:
Johnny and Skye – Year 6
Taylor and Daisy – Year 5
Roo and Ella – Year 4
Olivia and Kowan – Year 3
Niamh and George – Year 2
Issy and George – Year 1
We look forward to another successful year and reading all about it on their blog.